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Visualizing Fork/Join

Last Friday I have participated on GPars Hackathon. Together with Jety we have picked the task “Catchy visual demos“. Neither of us had used Swing for several years and we are newbies in both Groovy and GPars. But Václav helped us to solve several Groovy mean tricks and at the end we managed to create really nice demo. It’s a visualization of Fork/Join based merge-sort. You can enjoy it here. You can really see how fork/join aka jsr166y works. Cool.

THE DEMO (alternatively you can download and execute this jar)

The source code can be downloaded here although it’s much less enjoyable than the application itself. I have to confess that I enjoyed it so much that I have rewritten it to Java and in fact that’s what you are really looking at. In Java it’s less elegant, but you do not have to download 5Mb of Groovy libraries. I also hoped that in Java it would run in sandbox without special permissions. Unfortunately you are not allowed to manipulate with threads in and untrusted app, so you have to trust my self-signed certificate. The Java source is available on GitHub.