Spring WS fault detail

Spring WS project provides nice and versatile exception handling tools. But in some scenarios predefined Exception Resolvers are not sufficient. For example if you want to provide additional error info in the soap:fault detail like in this example:

         Something wrong happened

Fortunately it is quite easy to add similar behavior using Spring WS. You can easily extend existing SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver and customize the fault (please note that EndpointExeption is project specific exception that provides necessary data):

 public class EndpointExceptionResolver extends SoapFaultMappingExceptionResolver {
	private static final QName CODE = new QName("code");
	private static final QName SUB_CODE = new QName("sub-code");

	protected void customizeFault(Object endpoint, Exception ex, SoapFault fault) {
		logger.warn("Exception processed ",ex);
		if (ex instanceof EndpointException) {
			EndpointException ee = (EndpointException) ex;
			SoapFaultDetail detail = fault.addFaultDetail();