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I have not written anything to the blog for quite a long time. The reason is simple. I did not have time. The main reason was not my job hunting as you would suspect but my hobby project MvnIndex. It is just another attempt to make Maven more user friendly.

I have written indexer of central repository, implemented small and simple on-line search engine and what is the most important, I wrote simple Eclipse plugin that helps me with writing POMs. Now I think it is stable enough to make it public. (By saying that it is stable enough I do not mean that it is stable:-).

I would appreciate some feedback. I’d like to know what do you think about it. Whether you think that it is useful and if so, what should be done in the next step. Do not hesitate and write it to my JIRA.

Be aware that it is just the very first version, there is some stuff that has to be done to make it completely production ready. Eclipse plugin lacks ability to use customer provided index files to be able to work with inhouse artifacts. Automatic update of data would be also nice. I am planning to implement it in the next iteration.

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  1. Honza Novotný

    Nice piece of work. It is a pitty there is no IntelliJ Idea plugin 😉
    I tried it and what surprised me, that it works really fast – comparing to the speed is far better.

    I am seriously considering to switch to your indexer instead of mvn repository I am usually using now. Do you think, you index the same scope of repositories as mvn repository? In other words – that what I find in mvnreposotry website I should find in your indexer?


  2. Lukáš Křečan Post author

    Currently only central repository ( is indexed by MvnIndex. I do not know which repositories are indexed by (and I do not know where to find it). I plan to add more repositories in the future.

    There is no traffic on my site. It could be the reason for good speed. We will see how it will evolve when (if) people will start using it.

  3. stug23

    can the standalone tool index a Maven repository via its URL? Or just on a local file system? I tried this for an Artifactory repository running on my workstation, but got an error:

    mvnindex-indexer.bat http://localhost:8081/artifactory/repo/ index.txt

    Exception in thread “Main Thread” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Directory http:\localhost:8081\artifacto
    ry\repo does not exist
    at org.springframework.util.Assert.isTrue(
    at net.krecan.mvnindex.indexer.crawler.FileSystemCrawler.setDirectory(
    at net.krecan.mvnindex.indexer.main.Main.runIt(
    at net.krecan.mvnindex.indexer.main.Main.main(

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